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Creating a New You - 24 Week Journal for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Creating a New You - 24 Week Journal for Bariatric Surgery Patients

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"Just by opening this book you are one step closer to where you want to be" - Dr Arun Dhir.

Written by well-renowned bariatric surgeon Dr Arun Dhir, this journal is tailor-made for bariatric surgery patients to help them simplify the art of living well.

A fun and interactive 24-week guide on key wellness practices such as plant-based nutrition, functional movement, stress resilience, time management and more, Creating a New You enables patients of bariatric surgery to easily build awareness around the daily habits that can bring about lasting transformation!


About the Author

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Arun Dhir is a highly respected upper-gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon, author and wellness advocate. Dr Arun has influenced several lives through his practice - embodying an integrative approach towards individuals experiencing the scourge of obesity - in its various shades. 

Dr Arun is renowned for his compassion, dedication to his patients and commitment to their long-term well being. He wrote this journal with his patients in mind. This journal is an attempt to reinforce time-tested tools incorporating all facets of diet, exercise, sleep and stress management and explaining how these practices influences the body's ability to not only maintain a healthy weight, but to ward off chronic disease. Journaling, as we know, has the power to create lasting behavioural change for anyone who has the commitment to follow through on this practice. 

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